The Critics Agree

“There are very few bands that are putting out such challenging albums. It’s incredible. Three cheers for the Metroschifter!”
-Punk Planet

“[Metroschifter] explore a maddening array of musical genres” it is “difficult to determine if this is the shape of rock to come or a tragic misstep”
-Alternative Press

“After this record, Metroschifter should rename their band to something more suiting, like for instance, Crap!”
-Second Nature

“Contained, planned out, and all ready to kick your ass. A really talented dynamic.”

“Scott Ritcher’s lyrics leave much to be desired.”
-LEO Weekly

“They totally rock in their untypical, indescribable, unique way. A melodic, screaming, grooving, offbeat and talented offering.”

“The most distinctive Louisville album since Slint’s Spiderland.”
-US Rocker

“Super heavy, it rocks. Get this record.”

“Nearly unbearable.”

“One of the most unique and interesting bands I’ve heard.”
-Outback Magazine

“This is a good goddamn record!”

“I love this band.”
-No Labels

“Post-hardcore heroes Metroschifter and Shipping News are so musically compatible that it’s about time these Louisville, Kentucky outfits shared the same CD space.”

“a raw, energetic collision of tone-ripping guitar, punching drums and pain-swollen vocals… There’s a believable pain within the music that hasn’t lost its sincerity in the group’s 15 years”
-Louisville Music News