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Our own label: I Can’t Believe It’s a Record Company

Labels we have worked with: Noise PollutionDoghouse Records,
The Slamdek Record CompanyInitial RecordsHometown Caravan.

This is a popular page on our website: The Critics Agree

Chris Reinstatler runs a printing business for shirts, stickers, posters and more:
Monkey Drive Screenprinting

Scott Ritcher ran for Kentucky State Senate in 2008:

diary of our first European tour was published in Hard Times Magazine in 1997

Contact us:

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User-edited and aggregate sites

YouTube – Flickr – Flickr (with Metroschifter spelled wrong)

Our Wikipedia page is blank. Knock yourself out!

LyricsMania – Song Meanings

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Interviews and articles

Louisville Music News
“We’ve half-assed our way through everything we’ve ever done.”

“what the hell is wrong with you?”

Artist Direct
“a gentle blend of melodic indie rock and complex hardcore”

Louisville Hardcore
“Claudia Schiffer’s band”

Velocity Weekly
“the audience is an afterthought”

Intro (in German) 
“zelebrieren recht nervenaufreibenden Noise”

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Alternative Press
“[Metroschifter] explore a maddening array of musical genres”
“difficult to determine if this is the shape of rock to come or a tragic misstep”

LEO Weekly
“furious tracks built around mathematical precision”
“While craftsmen musically, Scott Ritcher’s lyrics leave much to be desired.”

Louisville Music News
“a raw, energetic collision of tone-ripping guitar, punching drums and pain-swollen vocals…
There’s a believable pain within the music that hasn’t lost its sincerity in the group’s 15 years”
“they almost never look or sound the same way twice”

Metromix Louisville
“Ritcher was always known to write what he feels which is what drew angsty, smartass teens to him.”

Splendid Zine
“any band that has the balls to organize a tribute to themselves
is more than deserving of pick status in my book”

Splendid Zine
“post-Hüsker rock, alternately desperate and sullen”

Juice Magazine 
“A well-deserved tribute to the Schifter. They have been lurking the scene for years.”

Impact Press
“samples and live instruments that fly from rage to softness to downright discordant”

Impact Press
“indeed bad ass … both spacious and gracious”

Delusions of Adequacy
“straight out of Guns N Roses”

Ink 19
“as if Scott was temporarily a member of all the bands”

Ink 19
“just another guy with an acoustic guitar”

SBI Generation
“This song alone is well worth the purchase of the disc”

Fake Jazz
“it’s the same problem I’ve had with … the other Metroschifter albums”

Chronique (in French)
“puisque sur ce disque de Metroschifter, metroschifter ne joue pas!?”

Kataweb (in Italian)
“I Metroschifter rappresentano l’altra faccia di Lousiville”

Photos from show at Frontline in Gent, Belgium, in 1998

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Live Journal
Some kids who keep their diary online like our band

Audio Scrobbler
Our stats from a computer program that keeps track
of how many times people listen to our songs at home

Billy Joe Shaver
We covered his song “Old Chunk of Coal” on our Generation Rx
album and it is listed on this page of his website

The Covers Project
A database of artists and cover songs

#13 on KFJC FM 11/98
Los Altos Hills, California

#4 and #40 on KZSU FM 1/96
Stanford University, California

Friends of Shellac
A project to find the identity of all the people listed
on Shellac’s Friends album includes mentions of us Listmania
“Essential CDs linked to Louisville”

Users rank their favorite songs from Encapsulated

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Dead links

Manatee Bound
“I am fairly certain this has never been done before.”

Agouti Music
“I have never heard a song by Metroshifter ever in my life”

Lost at Sea
“I can imagine Scott, the Hort and Pat sitting around drunk”

Teleport City
“I’ve always admired Metroschifter’s willingness to fuck with people”

“like nothing I’ve heard before”

Campaign for Musical Destruction
“Metroschifter must be one of the laziest bands of all time”

Over the Shoulder
“so damn inventive”

Pitchfork Media
“I dreamed in the colors of thousands in the figures,
those which I enumerated”

Pitchfork Media
“songs a handful of people learned to love”

Toledo Entertainment
“more curveball dynamics in 1/3 of an hour than most of
their contemporaries would put in a friggin’ box set”

Milk Magazine
“Overly serious”

“they want 3 or 4 people to learn all of their songs”

Seven Five O
“Scott Ritcher is an interesting fellow”

Kristofer Pasanen
Photographer from Finland whose book “Identity Parade” includes
pictures of us playing in Sweden.

Howling Bull Records (in Japanese)
The label we’re on in Japan

Music Diener/Ox Fanzine (in German)

Sound Resistance (in Russian)

Trust (in German)
“Rauchen ist eine freie entscheidung, genau wie muffins.”

Panorama (in Norwegian)
“Metroschifter har i utgangspunktet holdt seg til melodisk
og punkrock, men har også lenet seg over til såvell
singer/songwriter-musikk som country.”

Lie Paper 
“members of the Louisville band Metroschifter, have joined forces once again”

Stupid Boy Brilliant Girl
“they start laughing about the metroschifter poster i have”

Favourite Concerts of 1998
Honorable mention under “other interesting gigs.”

Buy and sell used Metroschifter CDs

#13 on WUSB FM 10/00
University at Stony Brook, New York

#206 in their online poll

#6 on Top 19 albums recorded by Bob Weston


Get Music

76 of My Favorite Records
“This record is such a man it has 2 sets of nuts.”

Everything Is Connected
According to this, Metroschifter and Courtney Love are related

Star Net Central
A directory book of celebrities’ addresses which includes Metroschifter

Song Lyrics World
Large lyric database includes many Metroschifter songs

Sony Music Club

#3 on WBUQ FM 10/00
Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania

E-Direct (in Japanese)

Dream Listen (in Japanese)

Fastidis (in Italian)

Broken Violence (in German)

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People who aren’t us but who use our name

Sebastias: a Canadian who uses our name

Mobius: another person who uses our name a guy in California a guy in Germany