Best Actress – When I Wake Up I Play This Song


11 songs, 38 minutes
I Can’t Believe It’s a Record Company, 2006

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Best Actress is a group consisting of Maya Weissbach, formerly of the Chicago group Music For Boating and Scott Ritcher of the Metroschifter. Their debut full-length is an 11-song album is a unique mix of pop, piano, and guitar, topped with Maya’s delicious vocals. It was named one of the Best Albums of the Year by Velocity Weekly.

The album collaboration began in 2004 and recording sessions took place in in a variety of locations, as fancy as the University of Louisville School of Music and as basic as Scott’s apartment.

1 / I’m So Beautiful Without You
2 / Touch The Ground
3 / When I Wake Up I Play This Song
4 / Party Shorts
5 / It’s Okay
6 / It’s All In Your Mind
7 / Depressing Architecture
8 / Nothing In the Air
9 / Seatback Pocket
10 / Quiet On the Set
11 / The Closer