The M.T. Rhoades Band


6 songs, 23 minutes
I Can’t Believe It’s a Record Company, 2003

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This genuinely American, 23-minute, 6-song session of Pat McClimans’ other group, The MT Rhoades Band, was first offered here online in 2003. This band also performs on the Encapsulated album.

You can download these six songs for just a dollar. You can also download a PDF of the really hideous cover art and print it out by clicking here, and then burn a CD and it’ll be just like you bought it. Holy shit!

This material was recorded April through July 2000 at Berzerker Studios in Lafayette, Indiana. Engineered by John Gordon. Produced by Pat McClimans.

1 / We Got the Time, Don’t We?
2 / Enjoy the Ride
3 / Morning Sings
4 / Population: 16
5 / Old Sorehead
6 / Sunrise