Scott Ritcher – Simple Orbits (CD)


3 tracks, 26 minutes
I Can’t Believe It’s a Record Company, 2016

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“An intense, dense and evocative collage of three distinct compositions with dark undertones, unified by an unmistakable Ritcher signature sound.” –Alex Leask

Fifteen years after his last solo record, Scott Ritcher returns with something completely new and different.

Simple Orbits opens with a single sustained tone on a cello and slowly builds into a cacophony of more cellos, four violins, guitar, narration, piano and more, until after 7 minutes, it finally bursts into song.

At 26 minutes in total, the record’s three songs are extended adventures, ranging between 7 and 10 minutes in length. They were recorded in multiple studios and countries, and have moments that are both minimalist and unreserved.

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Track listing:
1 / Like the Color of the Planet (10:12)
2 / Stavros (7:41)
3 / Måste Jag? (7:58)


Written and performed by Scott Ritcher
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden

Like the Color of the Planet
Violins: Hanna Ohlin
Vocal: Ylva Johansson
Drums: Milos Delic, recorded in Belgrade, Serbia
Piano: Jesse Miller, recorded in Modesto, California
Cellos: Kati O’Toole, recorded in Los Angeles, California

Additional recording in Stavros, Crete
Drums: Milos Delic, recorded in Belgrade, Serbia

Måste Jag? (Do I Have To?)
Violins: Hanna Ohlin
Drums: Milos Delic, recorded in Belgrade, Serbia
Additional drums: James Knoerl, recorded in Boston, Massachusetts

Mastering: Steve Corrao at Sage Audio in Nashville, Tennessee
Production assistance: Moa Junström, Rachel Matchett

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