The Metroschifter – Capsule


9 tracks, 37 minutes
The Slamdek Record Company, 1994


Metroschifter’s first album was recorded in 1994 when members of Sunspring, Falling Forward and 411 got together. Scott Ritcher, Pat McClimans and Mario Rubalcaba deliver a unique, concise, no-nonsense brand of explosive, mathematical rock, augmented by string quartet work from the Rachel’s.

To raise funds for pressing the album, the band advertised it to fans and began taking orders before it was completed. The finished albums were personalized with the names of the people who ordered it and home-delivered. It was re-issued by Conversion Records in California the following year.

1 / Overlap
2 / Marker
3 / Drive
4 / Shit Harvester
5 / Scoop
6 / Square
7 / I Heart FF
8 / Flat
9 / Forward