The Metroschifter – Encapsulated Demos


14 tracks, 52 minutes
I Can’t Believe It’s a Record Company, 2000

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In 2000, Metroschifter released an album of new songs but they didn’t play a single note of it. Instead, some of their favorite groups each recorded a new, unreleased Metroschifter song. Encapsulated Demos is the original cassette demo versions that were sent to the bands who played on Encapsulated, giving you a rare look at what each band started with when learning their songs.

Several songs that appear on Encapsulated Demos did not make it to the final release, or any subsequent album, and can be heard only in this release.

1 / Machine Language – sent to Empire State Games
2 / Forensic Economics – sent to Joan of Arc
3 / Impossible Outcomes – sent to The Get Up Kids
4 / L 182 – sent to Refused
5 / Under Pressure to Exist – sent to MT Rhoades Band
6 / Actress – sent to Ink & Dagger
7 / Dear Hilary – sent to Burning Airlines
8 / Burn Lexington Burn – sent to The Enkindels
9 / Down By the River – sent to Wino
10 / On the Road – sent to Cooler
11 / Unrealistic – sent to The Promise Ring
12 / It’s Not the Way I Feel Anymore – sent to Rye Coalition
13 / Isn’t Freedom a Poison – sent to Elliott
14 / Here In Your Mind – sent to Shipping News

Note: This album is encoded at 192 kbps.