The Metroschifter – New Mexico Demos


8 tracks, 30 minutes
The Slamdek Record Company, 1994

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This demo cassette was assembled with a multi-track recorder and a drum machine by Scott Ritcher. Written and recorded in a 200-year-old adobe in Abiquiu, New Mexico, this short set of songs was the beginning of the band.

Issued in the spring of 1994 by Slamdek in Louisville, it was discontinued when The Metroschifter Capsule album came out that summer. The downloadable version has an extra song that was not on the original cassette, a cover of “Over the Rainbow.”

1 / Overlap
2 / Drive
3 / Shit Harvester
4 / Scoop
5 / Square
6 / Flat
7 / Forward
8 / Over the Rainbow